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Making a create-react-app project in .NET

In my last post I discussed how to install Episerver Quicksilver site. As I note there, there’s a license cost to using Episerver, but the techniques I discuss below can be applied to any ASP.NET MVC 5 site.

A create-react-app .NET web application project

We’ll create a new .NET web application project to place the create-react-app project’s files in. We won’t compile a website there, but simply hold our create-react-app project (sort of like the node.js project type that Visual Studio offers you as a project template). 1 2

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create-react-app and ASP.NET MVC 5 – Introduction

This post is a part of a series on integrating react and ASP.NET.

What: create-react-app on Episerver
Why: create-react-app is easy. react and Episerver are powerful.

create-react-app is the starter project for getting up and running quickly with the ReactJS frontend framework. It’s the training wheels for React; you don’t have to figure out webpack. I want to use it to enhance an ASP.NET MVC 5 site with rich components.

Prior Art

There’s a lot out there about react and .NET. Some good starting places:

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